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The office is divided into the following two categories:
A. Public Relations
  Oversight and execution of the Universityˇ¦s major public ceremonies
1. Sending out invitations and contacting related personnel for events such as graduation, orientation, and school anniversaries,
2. Advisory capacity to colleges or departments in PR
  To arrange and contact organizations or guests for visiting dignitaries
  Establishing liaison between the University and the news media and the general public
  1. Cooperation with the local government and the school
2. Establishing and maintaining trust between academic organizations
3. Sending of gifts or cards for certain events
  Management and documenting of school related information
  1. Production of school introduction
2. Management of school related
Design and development of insignia items
To assist the student admission office in student recruitment and to further more foster the growth of the whole person, on the basis of Truth, Goodness, Beauty and Holiness.
The training and recruiting of the FJU student ambassadors to achieve contact through students.
Press and media related affairs
  1. Press releases for conferences, events, and celebrations
2. Arranging interviews
3. To promote FJU to the public
4.Maintaining liaison between the school and the media
5. Informing press of recent events
Planning and management of FJU News
Distribution on FJU journal
Recruitment of on campus correspondent
  Digitalizing of FJU related news, policies, and statistics
Emergency and crisis responding
B. Alumni Services
To strengthen alumni services
1. Services in Alumni transcripts, graduation certificates
2. Promotion and related work of the Alumni card
3. Provide lodging and conference hall to alumni
4. advisory services for children of alumni in joining Fu Jen
Holding various alumni friendship activities
1. Homecoming during anniversary
2. Organizing conferences
3. Selection of Honor alumni
4. Miscellaneous recreational activities
Operating of the Worldwide Alumni Association
1. Promote and strengthen the Worldwide Alumni Association, and to strengthen
its relationship with respective colleges and departments
2. Strengthening bonds between alumni thorough activities
3. To assist alumni in public welfare
4. To serve alumni and to assist in the operation of the Worldwide Alumni Association
5. Promote father education of Alumni
6. Planning, updating and management of the Alumni database systems
Institutionalize global annual fund-raising activities
1. Yearly global alumni fund-raising activities
2. Fund-raising activities through telephoning
3. Fund-raisers
Assisting "Fu Jen Catholic University Foundation" in completing short, medium and long-term plans
Collecting and update of alumni information
Full enforcement of the regulation of FJU donor commendation
Strengthen links with alumni to enhance cohesion
To encourage colleges and departments to set up
Development Funds
Organizing fund-raising lectures and training seminars
Promotion of FJU alumni card
Organizing fund-raising dinners or organized sales,
Strengthen relations between communities
To hold board meetings and conference calls between the ˇ§Educational Funds Foundationˇ¨ and the ˇ§FJU Foundationˇ¨ in the U.S.


Fu Jen Catholic University Office of Public Affairs
510 Zhongzheng Rd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City 24205, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: 886-2-2905-3068 FAX: 886-2-2902-6201