FJU Office of Public Affairs Press    2015/7/19   
Excellent Teaching: Prof. Kuo-Inn Tsou Inspires Medical Students

Professor Kuo-Inn Tsou, professor in the College of Medicine and one of the founders of the School of Medicine, received the Excellent Teacher Award on October in 2014. Professor Tsou lectures on various ethics courses such as Medical Ethics, Bioethics, and Clinical Ethics at Fu Jen. In the teacher evaluation process, the committee decided to confer the Award upon Professor Tsou in recognition of her years of devotion in research and teaching. She said to a Chinese publication that university authorities always aspire to help students to better understand the importance of medical ethics. Thus the School of Medicine requests its sophomores to take Bioethics and its seniors to take Clinical Ethics in their sixth year of study. Students have to analyze and discuss various topics such as doctor-patient communication, medication error reporting and prevention, and conflicts of interest in health care systems.

Professor Kuo-Inn Tsous specialties are neonatology and pulmonology. Her research field particularly covers pulmonary function, neonatal nutrition, and follow-up evaluation of premature infants. In a Chinese publication, she explained the reason why she decided to prepare for a career in medicine. When I was in high school, the quality of medical care was not as ideal as it is now. Parents had no choice but helplessly watched their premature baby passing away, said Professor Tsou. Therefore, she studied in the School of Medicine at National Taiwan University and devoted much of her time to the establishment of the neonatal intensive care unit at Cardinal Tien Hospital. Her experiences and service in the National Taiwan University Hospital greatly helped her to accomplish her goals and save more and more babies for the underprivileged at Cardinal Tien Hospital.

As one of the establishers of the Fu Jen School of Medicine, Professor Kuo-Inn Tsou said that she always wants to make her students learn how to respect and serve others. In addition to medical attention, we can provide more love and care for those in need, she added. The professor concluded her remarks by emphasizing that university authorities endeavor to help their students to prepare for their professional careers with the teachings of Catholicism.