FJU Office of Public Affairs Press    2015/7/14   
Students Build Online Ubun to Promote Activities on Campus

Ubun is a new online network built by current students and alumni who want to more effectively promote activities. Yen-Ting Chen, class of 2010 in the Department of Information Management, Yi-Fu Chen, class of 2010 in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations, Cheng-Ru Yeh, a senior in the Department of History, and Ya-Rou Li, a sophomore in the Department of Chinese Literature, serve as the founders of the network. Yen-Ting Chen explained that the word Ubun stands for one for all, all for one in the tribes of Zulu in Southern Africa. We consider Fu Jen to be a big family, and thus we want to consolidate the ties between every individual in the community, he added. Cheng-Ru Yeh said that he had participated in various activities at Fu Jen and found some of his classmates complain that they cannot find an ideal online bulletin, which properly keeps the Fu Jen community updated with details about latest events and activities on campus. Thanks to help from staff members of the university and student clubs, Cheng-Ru Yeh and his colleagues can now smoothly collect information and news. Thus we strive to create a better interface to support the current system. Cheng-Ru Yeh said that the interface of Ubun is compatible with iTunes, android, and PC systems and allows both activity organizers and the audience to immediately contact each other.

At the beginning, the administrative team of Ubun participated in TEDxFJU. Yen-Ting Chen said that one of the main features of the interface is its flexibility, which allows people to view news events via various tools such as mobile phone, i-pad and computers. One for all and all for one, he added. In the TEDxFJU session, Yen-Ting Chen concluded his remarks by emphasizing, We strongly hope to connect members in the Fu Jen community together.