FJU Office of Public Affairs Press    2015/7/6   
Students from FJCU Nominated to Be ¡§2014 Youth Ambassador¡¨

Seven students from Fu Jen Catholic University were recently nominated as ¡§2014 Youth Ambassador¡¨ by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). The opening ceremony was held on June 24, 2014. Students won a priceless chance to participate in various activities and special tours. The itinerary of their visit included the Republic of Colombia in Latin America, the United States and diplomatic allies of Taiwan. Every group had its own special mentors. The mentors step by step guided the youth ambassadors, and taught them cultural differences.

Professor Wei-Min Tang of the Department of Communication Arts led two youth ambassador-groups to the United States and the Asia-Pacific region this year. Professor Tang said that the ceremony marked the 6th year of the program. He added that since the Fu Jen Service-Learning Center has constantly helped the MOFA arrange various activities for the program, the MOFA appreciated and held a high opinion of Fu Jen¡¦s faithful service. ¡§There are eight groups led by experienced ambassadors and professors this year. Our mission is to broadcast the Taiwanese culture, to help Chinese-teaching and promote further exchange,¡¨ said Professor Tang.

Juo-Hung Chiang, a sophomore in the School of Medicine, said that his team integrated various elements such as Taiwanese indigenous dance and songs into its performance. ¡§In addition to cultural gaps, we have to confront cultural shock problems as well, because we visited non-English speaking countries,¡¨ said the student ambassador. Professor Tang stressed that these experiences helped the students to open their eyes and learn to appreciate different lifestyles.