FJU Office of Public Affairs Press    2015/6/25   
Story of ING: Entrepreneur Fulfills Her Dream with Perseverance

Well-known alumna Yi-Yun Cheng, class of 2012, came back to Fu Jen and shared her stories about the establishment of her restaurant ¡§ING¡¨ with an audience in the Department of Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management (RHIM) on August 8, 2014. ¡§ING¡¨ is a unique restaurant near Fu Jen campus. Yi-Yun Cheng, who graduated two years ago, explained that a desire for an original flavor made her decide to take over an old restaurant.

In 2011, Cheng happened to find an old restaurant. ¡§Its service was impressive but it was a great shame that the quality of its food was not so ideal,¡¨ she said. In return to the kindness of the elder lady who strived hard to maintain that restaurant, Yi-Yun Cheng later submitted an improvement plan to the restaurant owner on how to improve the quality of its dishes. ¡§The RHIM Department requires us to submit analyses whenever we complete internships. What I wanted was to give a helping hand to the elderly person,¡¨ said Cheng. To her surprise, the women asked whether Yi-Yun Cheng would like to take charge of the restaurant.

Yi-Yun Cheng stressed, ¡§It was now or never. Either I seized such a rare opportunity to manage a restaurant and fulfill my dreams, or I would lose it forever.¡¨ Today she feels glad that she took such a challenge and accomplished every mission. In retrospect, Cheng said to Fu Jen Life, she also wanted to express her special thanks for those who offered a helping hand. ¡§Without their help, I could not have fulfilled our goal before I graduated. I always feel grateful for all their kindness to me,¡¨ she said.

Yi-Yun Cheng added that entrepreneurship demands truly excellent management. She said to the audience that she always found courses and training in RHIM resourceful. When Cheng tried to renovate the old restaurant in 2011, she accomplished her startup business with both professionalism and confidence. With the helping hands of classmates, Cheng founded ¡§Together Café,¡¨ which was to become ING later. ¡§I never expected this when I just shared good ideas with the chief,¡¨ she said. Cheng revealed more details about ING, which represents a sense of continuation and liveliness. Yi-Yun Cheng explained that ¡§ING¡¨ aspires to supply quality organic food and a comfortable place for the Fu Jen community and its neighbors.

In addition to healthy food, ING also pays attention to social issues such as the Sunflower Movement, social inequality, and the food shortage in Africa, to name just a few. These efforts aim to make the world better by supporting both local organic framers and social activists. In the future, Yi-Yun Cheng plans to conduct advanced study in Europe and continuously enhance the quality of ING. At the end of her speech, Cheng encouraged the students to strive hard to pursue their dreams while they are still blessed with youth and strength. She concluded her speech by saying, ¡§Treasure your time, because we only live once.¡¨