FJU Office of Public Affairs Press    2015/7/16   
Music Department Receives Accreditation from Steinberg Certified Training Center

The Fu Jen Catholic University College of Arts and Music Department has received accreditation from the Steinberg Certified Training Center to become the first Cubase and Nuendo Electronic Music Certification Center in Taiwan.

The Fu Jen Catholic University Music Department is the leader in this highly technical field and is the first to establish an undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education Master¡¦s program in Applied Music with a section devoted to electronic music. In 1988 we opened the first electronic music laboratory of its kind among Taiwan universities, and now, after many years of commitment and hard work, we are proud to announce that our long-term objective of becoming a Steinberg Certified Training Center was achieved in April 2015. This now opens fantastic opportunities for all prospective students interested in passing the certification examinations for obtaining a Cubase or Nuendo software license. The certification process will begin June 2015.

The Fu Jen Catholic University College of Arts and Music Department are experienced in providing a variety of well-structured courses, as well as a modern, fully-equipped music center. Our distinguished faculty members¡XAssociate Professor Kao Hwei-Chung, Adjunct Assistant Professors Lin Kuei-Ju, Huang Chien-Yu, Hsieh Tsung-Han, Lee Cheng-Yu, and Yang Min-Chi--are committed to ensuring that the electronic music education training courses will fully prepare outstanding students to confidently face the future and contribute to the strengthening of this thriving industry.